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Women's Cycling
Our Cycling class with Chayli provides a full body workout. Includes great music, challenging choreography and hand weights. Come join us for a 50 minute workout that will let you find out what you are capable of!
Our Barre class with Brocha is a low impact class that focuses on your whole body. The class works to tone and lengthen your core and muscles The 45 minutes are broken up into different sections that go to the beat of the music giving you a full body workout including the arms, legs, glutes, and core.
Teen Cycling
Our Teens Cycling class with Miri is a great 45 minutes workout. Enjoy upbeat music and fun choreography that tones the body and keeps you moving.
Our Dance Class has the girls learning choreography and performing every class! Their coordination and enthusiasm to learn new dances and consistently improve their skills always led with confidence creates a fun filled environment for our girls ages 6 to 12.
Our Zumba class is a total workout of both high and low intensity moves. You will experience fitness and cardio while having fun. The upbeat music fills the room with energy and dancing. 
Ballet with Brocha incorporates ballet fundamentals with creative movement. The girls learn dance sequencing, graceful rhythm, and run around twirling tutus! For our girls ages 2 to 5.
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